Aerial Circus

Hello! I've had lots of questions over the years about this:

  1. What is this?

  2. Why do you do it?

  3. Why do you have bruises on you?

So. I started aerial circus in 2014, with trapeze, because I wanted to be strong. I added aerial silks about six months later, had a baby, stopped trapeze, and then replaced it with lyra. I've also dabbled in sling and handstands, but silks and lyra remain my first loves.

Why do I do it? It's really great for you, physically, especially for your core and back. It's another form of performance, which I'm in favor of. And even though it is NOT easy, it's one of those things that gets better with lots of applied practice (like music!!), making successes that much better because you've worked hard for them. It's also a nice, supportive community of people.

I have bruises on me because silks is squeezy and lyra is a metal hoop, and sometimes I'm rolling around those things or landing on them. Hence, bruises. Don't worry. I'm OK.